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avocado calories 100g

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Avocado Calories 100g

Peeling back the layers of nutrition, it’s fascinating to see the caloric content of our favorite foods. Among these, a certain creamy fruit stands out, not just for its taste, but also for its energy content.

What’s in 100g?

For those watching their intake, knowing the caloric value of what they consume is essential. For a 100g serving of this creamy delight, you’re looking at approximately 160 calories. Additionally, this serving is chock-full of nutrients, ensuring you get more than just energy.

Fats: A Closer Look

Not all calories are created equal. The majority of the energy from this fruit comes from its fat content. Nonetheless, before you raise an eyebrow, remember these are primarily monounsaturated fats. These are the heart-friendly kind. Additionally, they help in the absorption of certain vitamins, ensuring optimal health benefits.

Beyond Calories: Nutrient Density

It’s not just about the energy content. Vitamins and minerals abound in this serving size. We’re talking about Vitamin K, Vitamin E, and various B-Vitamins. Furthermore, it’s a good source of potassium, even outdoing bananas in this regard.

Dietary Fiber and More

Digestive health is often overlooked. Nonetheless, with nearly 7g of dietary fiber in that 100g serving, it’s a digestive health booster. Additionally, this fiber helps stabilize blood sugar levels, which is crucial for those monitoring their glucose.

What About Carbs and Proteins?

Carbohydrates are present, but in minimal amounts. Most of the carbs are fiber, which doesn’t spike blood sugar. Additionally, you’ll find a modest amount of protein, making it a well-rounded food source.

Versatility in Meals

Its diverse nutrient profile makes it ideal for various meals. Whether in a salad, toast, or smoothie, it lends a creamy texture and rich taste. Furthermore, its calorie count fits seamlessly into various diet plans.

The Bottom Line

Calories are just a fraction of the story. It’s the quality and nutrient density that matters. In this regard, a 100g serving shines bright. Not only does it provide energy, but it also ensures that every calorie is packed with health benefits. So, next time you scoop out this creamy goodness, remember, it’s a power-packed choice!

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