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Honeydew – Information and Facts

Honeydew is a type of melon that has become an increasingly popular fruit in recent years. Has a sweet, light flavor enjoyed fresh or used in recipes. If you are new to honeydews, here is some information and facts about them that can help you make the best buying decisions.

Honeydew Melons 101

Honeydew melons grow on vines that start off green but ripen to yellow when they are ready for harvest. The outside skin of the melon will be firm and slightly rough while the inside flesh should be pale green with a slight yellow hue. A ripe honeydew should also have a sweet, inviting aroma when cut open.

The best way to select a good honeydew is to look for one that has no soft spots or bruises. You should also avoid any with cuts or punctures in the rind. This could allow bacteria to enter and cause spoilage. Additionally, you should not purchase any honeydews that have been stored at room temperature for longer than two days. This will affect their flavor and texture significantly.

When shopping for honeydews, you should also consider where it was grown – if possible, try to choose locally grown ones as these are usually fresher and more flavorful than those imported from other countries. Organic honeydews are also available in many stores which may provide additional benefits such as fewer pesticides and fewer food miles traveled.

Nutritional Benefits

Honeydews are low in calories but packed full of vitamins and minerals including vitamin C, potassium, folate and fiber. Also high in antioxidants which can help reduce inflammation in the body as well as fight off free radicals that can damage cells over time. Eating honeydews regularly can also help boost your immune system due to their high levels of vitamin C which helps protect against colds, flu, and other illnesses. Lastly, made up mostly of water content they can help keep you hydrated during hot summer months!


In summary, honeydews offer many nutritional benefits as well as flavor options so why not give them a try? Be sure to pick out ones with firm skin free of soft spots or bruising before taking them home. Enjoy their freshness within two days after purchasing them!

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